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We are made up of dedicated individuals committed to customer service. Long time horse owners and strong fleet maintenance backgrounds to help our customers gain safer and more trouble free service from their trailers. We are now providing installations and repairs on site throughout mid and north Georgia, as well as north east Alabama so you won't have to drop off and come back later to pick up. We do it where it is parked.



When was the last time your trailer had a good maintenance check. If it is more than a couple years, then it is certainly time. Wheel bearings need regular attention. They should be inspected and repacked every 18 to 24 months.

Tires; if they are greater than five years old it is time for new ones. Do you know the proper air pressure that should be maintained? How often do you check them. Everything rides on them so they are some of the most important parts of your trailer. We can help you get on the right track to safe/ carefree operation.


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You place a lot of trust when you do business on-line and locally.  When dealing with Horse Trailer Supply we want you to be comfortable and feel assured your information is guarded as we would guard our own. We also want to make sure your are always happy with the products you buy from us. Our hope is you will want to visit us time and again.

And if you trust us to help you maintain your trailer, rest assured we will never cut corners. We always bring our "A" game to assure it is done right the first time.

Trailer brakes, trailer lights, trailer reflective tape, Tack room equipment, horse accessories, trailer bumpers, trailer locks, trailer breakaway batteries, break away switches, trailer jacks, barn accessories, trailer wiring, backup video systems, awnings, appliances, air conditioners and much more.

We even have a full line of tires for you plus we can help you maintain your trailer as well.


Interior lighting

Air Conditioners

Living Quarters Appliances


Water Tanks


Safety reflective tape

Door hardware

Exterior lighting

Video back up systems

Wheel chocks

Wiring & connectors



Tires.....and more!!!!


Don't you hate the hassle of dragging your trailer into the dealer or shop, leaving it for several days or longer, then the additional time and expense of that second trip. Those days are over. We come right to you; to your barn,driveway, or shop, with a fully stocked and equipped shop on wheels that is manned with a highly skilled individual that knows their way around that trailer. We can do most anything on site that can be done in a shop and on the same day as your appointment because we carry a full stock of most common parts. Our parts prices are right here on this site and you will find them very reasonable. Give us a call to learn more.                                                                                                                                                      We work on cargo, flatbed, landscape, and other types of trailers as well.

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"On Site Trailer Repairs & Maintenance"

 Brakes, minor body repairs, tire replacement, annual services, all types of electrical issues repaired, floor replacement and repair, welding both aluminum and steel, hitch and coupler replacements. We handle it all for you in your driveway or at your barn. Check Repairs & Install page to learn more about this very popular service.

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